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Families are Saying

“My husband and I will forever be thankful for Dr. DiPaola. After a long journey, we met with her and immediately knew she was the doctor we had been waiting for.
Dr. DiPaola is honest, knowledgeable and most importantly, she is kind.
We love our baby boy so much and will always recommend this incredible doctor.” 


“Dr. DiPaola was amazing to work with. Very understanding and kind. She’s also so easy to talk to. She called me on a Sunday multiple times, and answered every and any questions I had. She was very knowledgeable and paid attention to the little details which can mean so much in this process. She helped us complete our family with our beautiful son. I highly recommend her.”


“Dr. DiPaola took time to answer my questions, go over everything in depth, and made sure I understood what I was undertaking. She was extremely understanding and compassionate to my goals of building my family, and was truly supportive every step of the way. I felt at ease every time I walked into her office knowing I was receiving the best care possible, and with her constant reassurance and support, I successfully met my goals of becoming a mother. I couldn’t be more grateful to Dr. DiPaola. She’s truly a blessing to our family. She truly cares about her patients, and the individualized attention to detail she provides each of her patients, to custom tailor a plan that fits their needs. I highly recommend Dr. DiPaola, for her outstanding skills, and proven record of success for her patients, her genuine care for everyone she encounters, and her devotion to giving the best care as a highly trained, and highly skilled medical professional in her field.”


“Dr. DiPaola is the sweetest, most caring and compassionate individual I have ever met. Love her!”


"During our infertility journey, Dr. DiPaola was so much more than just a doctor. She was one of our biggest supporters and was truly invested in our success. From her endless compassion and patience to answer every question and comfort us during our lows, to celebrating and finding joy right alongside us when we finally found success, Dr. DiPaola is the most incredible person to hold your hand through where ever your journey may take you. We have Dr. DiPaola to thank for our precious baby and we'll be forever grateful for the amazing doctor and person she is!"


"Dr.Dipaola helped my husband and I. I was an otherwise healthy woman in her mid-twenties who despite for trying nearly a year, (and tracking my irregular cycles), could not get pregnant. I was referred by my OBGYN, and when we first pulled up to her office I remember feeling incredibly anxious: “what am I doing here?” And “what is wrong with me?” Were thoughts that immediately filled my head. My fears were allayed when we met with Dr.Dipaola. Her calm, reassuring manner guided me through one of the most challenging times of my life.

Thanks to her expertise she discovered that I had PCOS as well as a septate uterus that would need to be operated on. She never once made me feel like despite my fertility issues, I was anything less than whole. After a few months of healing, and with the help of medication to make a mature egg release, I got pregnant on the first try. "


"My significant and I were trying for a few years with no success before we ended up at Dr.DiPaola's office. She was thorough to figure out what our issue was(I found out I had PCOS) and came up with a plan for us. She explained everything and answered all my questions about what all the steps would entail. When I needed a mental break from the process she actually encouraged me to enjoy a few cycles and then come back. I never felt pressured to do something I didn't want to do. I felt that I was genuinely cared for. I came back, started a more rigorous treatment and ended up with my bundle of joy. I couldn't have asked for a better experience during a stressful time. We will forever be grateful to her."

Eryka F.

"Amazing doctor, kind, helpful and skilled"


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