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What to Expect


The Time is Now

You may be wondering if it is time to see a fertility specialist. We encourage everyone struggling with fertility to schedule an appointment with Your Family Fertility.

Consider seeing a fertility doctor after miscarriages, irregular menses, difficulties conceiving, fertility preservation, single women and same sex couples wanting to build a family.  


On Your First Visit

With Your Family Fertility you can expect the highest level of medical care. Your story is unique and deserves time and attention.

Once you have scheduled your first fertility appointment, you’ll be asked to complete history forms. Depending on your preference, you may complete these online.  


At Your Consultation

We will review your past medical history to determine if there is any testing that needs to be done. Depending on your circumstance, we may recommend simple blood tests, ultrasounds or possibly even a small diagnostic procedure to evaluate your reproductive health.

At the end of your visit, we will review everything in detail so you feel certain of the next steps.  

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